A change of lifestyle and a whole world awaits

After a few decades of a career in the real estate industry and a short sharp health warning to my husband Evan we have decided to seize the day and venture off to see New Zealand through the windscreen of our motorhome Kelvin for the next 13 months.  So the end of March sees us packing up our worldly goods and squeezing ourselves and our dogs Georgia and Cole into 7metres of home on the road

Our children and grandchildren are scattered from the Hauraki Plains to Otago so there are important stops to make along the road to recharge our grandparent batteries.    And there are some cruises and holidays to take too – culminating in a world cruise for 106 nights next May

But between now and then we will head north from Tauranga ( where a lovely family are now renting our home) and head north for the winter   Then first stop Turua and a week with family




A wave and we are off

Hello world!

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